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Our Products

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Jet Printing Solder Paste & Dispensing

The MY700 with dual head capability deposits solder paste and almost any other material in the blink of an eye, 300 dots per second! Accurate and repeatable volume control for the high mix manufacturing environment. Visit Mycronic's site.

MY700 jet printer
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Pick and Place Systems

High mix at high speed and production volume "1" has become the new standard for North American electronics manufacturers. Mycronic's MY300 series machine allows you to assemble one pcb as easy as 1,000 pcb's with no interruption in production. Visit Mycronic's site.

MY300 Pick and Place
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Solder paste inspection (SPI) and automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment.  Systems provide superior inspection capabilities with advanced software for the electronics industry.

Visit Mycronic's site.

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Component Storage Tower

The MyPro series offers intelligent component storage, assisted by advanced software. Mycronic’s largest component storage system is capable of storing 2,468 reels in less than 2m/sq, smallest footprint in the industry.

Visit Mycronic's site.

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PCB Robotic Soldering and Automation

Fancort Industries has supplied cost-effective solutions to electronics manufacturers throughout the world…de-paneling equipment ~ specialized lead forming services ~ robotic soldering, dispensing and screw driving. Visit Fancort's site.

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Selective, Wave, and Reflow Soldering Systems

Seho North America is a leading supplier of selective solder, wave solder and reflow oven machines. Innovative technology for demanding applications. Visit Seho's site.

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Getech Automation offers standardized platforms for depanelling. All operations can be handled in stand alone and fully automated in-line systems capable of integrating with upstream operations as well as downstream test systems. Visit Getech's site.

PBT logo.png

PCB and Stencil Cleaning

Superior PCB cleaning through innovation! In-line quality with batch technology. Visit Fancort/PBT site.

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Nitrogen (N2) Generators

Advanced Gas Technologies is a leading Canadian supplier of on site industrial nitrogen generating systems. These systems supply nitrogen for a fraction of the cost of conventional nitrogen sources.

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Component Forming Equipment

Axial, radial and transistor lead forming equipment for taped and loose components. Custom tooling for all through hole requirements. Visit Hepco's site.

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